to Baum Consulting GmbH's web site. Our brief tour 5 Milestones to Success offers you a concise introduction to our company. For in-depth information and case studies as well as the complete range of ou services in English language please contact us via e-mail - we are looking forward to your requests.
Our 5 Milestones:
Helping you to help yourselves
We would like to accompany you during necessary and possibly distressing times of change, helping your employees and executives see the necessity and usefulness of these changes. For this we depend on your support right from the start in developing a subtly differentiated situation analysis which offers you beneficial first insights that empower you to self-help.
Customised service instead of standardization
Our academically trained, experienced consultants and trainers do not stick to rigid and inflexible standard solutions, but develop custom-made solutions for your individual needs and situation. That's of course what everybody does (or everybody claims they're doing) - we, however, do it successfully. Our success results from our "iron-hard" insistence to stick to the facts and content, for we know that sweet talk, grandiose words, or a good show do not solve any of your problems.
Detailed planning and sticking to the schedule
are part of our "strict consistency" strategy - we stick to our schedule as well as to the contents. After all, the schedule is there to be observed, and that's what you should expect when you pay for the planning.
Development of personal continuity
One of our core competences lies in strengthening the development of personal continuity. Growth calls for the competence of experienced employees, and this in turn can only be reached through long-term consistent employee development for our customer's executives and staff.
Our business focus and consulting emphasis
Our main experience has been in the field of health services and especially health insurances, national as well as international. Our knowledge and our methods can of course also be introduced to other businesses, especially in the service industries. Reacting to the changing competitiveness of the international markets and the issue of customer- and service orientation in business as well as administrations form the core of our management consulting strategy.
Our main consulting focuses:
  • strategy planning, increasing efficiency, total quality management, controlling, and organisation development
  • employee development, management tools, process- and structure organisation
  • marketing and public relations

Our main training focuses:
Our seminars can be divided into two groups:
  • internal practice seminars which we have been conducting for several years in many companies. These include all topics involving business management, leadership skills, successful/goal-oriented communiation, work methods, and Train-the-Trainer seminars.
  • seminars customised to a company's specifications: The topics of the practice seminars are combined with company-specific content. Team-development workshops with existing work or project teams are added.
All seminar participants receive detailed, differenciated, and comprehensive seminar documentation.
Our Fees
According to the type of service, the consultant's qualification, and the extent of the project our fees range between 1,300.00 and 1,800.00 EURO per day for training or consulting. Times for travel are not charged. We will gladly offer you a flat-rate estimate. Costs for secretarial work and travel expenses will be charged separately. Value-added tax will be added to these items.
Our office can be reached at all times. We will gladly receive your requests and will forward them immediately. You may also leave a message on our answering machine. Please ask for Dr. Klaus Preiser.
Mauchener Strasse 13
Fon #49 77 43 / 15 44
Fax #49 77 43 / 15 45
HRB 1016, AG Waldshut
Berlin office:
Apostel-Paulus-Strasse 7
D-10823 Berlin
Fon #49 30 / 78 95 89 95
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